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PECO Pro 2 and Pro 3 Baggers Video

The PECO Pro 2 and Pro 3 baggers fit Bobcat, John Deere, Ferris, Scag, Exmark, Toro, Dixie Chopper, Bad Boy, Cub Cadet and more and are designed for maximum productivity. Engineered to fit your specific Zero Turn mower, PECO baggers feature an easy on-easy off boot so you can discharge when you need to, easy empty bags and a durable, low profile top. Our patented PTO blower assembly is the most efficient and clog free system on the market. Featuring a durable cast aluminum housing and thick steel 4 blade impeller, the PECO PTO blower system virtually eliminates clogging. For more information, visit PECO, America's Lawn Vac Leader.

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