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PEM050 Metering Pumps for High-Purity Chemicals Video

White Knight PEM050 electronic metering pumps offer adjustable flow rates for use in single-wafer processing tools or premix vessels to ensure exact chemistry mixtures, and allow for in-situ mixing directly at the head.

These stepper-driven pumps accurately dispense 1-50ml of high-purity chemicals in Teflon® (PTFE) fluid paths for chemical replenishing, blending, dosing and spiking applications, as well as cleaning CVD equipment and in photolithography. They are ideal for photoresist, etch and clean processes, peroxide spiking in piranha mixtures, and other blending of chemical mixtures into process tanks prior to the introduction of substrates.

PEM050 pumps feature fully-supported rolling diaphragms, which maximize discharge pressure capabilities. Positive control valves ensure accuracy by eliminating the variability that is typical of check valves. They offer up to 5 discharge ports that can be independently controlled with programmable system logic.

Features & Benefis:
- Electronically-controlled, fully adjustable stroke
- Dispense volume up to 50ml
- Highly accurate; ± 0.01% repeatability
- 60 – 80 PSI capability
- Programmable system logic
- 2 to 6 port configurable
- Safe, leak-free operation with no maintenance
- No exposed metals prevents corrosion and contamination
- Fully-swept Teflon® fluid path for ultra-pure applications
- PTFE rolling diaphragm with PP housing
- Visual position reference for easy setup and monitoring
- Easy to install and service with snap-in/out mount
- Can be installed in any orientation
- Clean room assembly, testing and packaging
- Leak detection port
- Self-priming
- Compact footprint
- Minimal hold-up volume
- Positive inlet/outlet valving prevents flow through

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