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Penn-Troy BICERA Revolution Crankcase Explosion Relief Valve - Video

The BICERA Revolution™ Valve is Penn-Troy's second-generation model of crankcase explosion relief valve. The new valve protects engine room personnel and parts from dangerous exhaust temperatures and flame with improved performance and a lightweight design. Ideal applications include railroad, marine, oil and gas compression and power generation industries.

In the spotlight of this new product is the PMX™ patent-pending flame arrester. Made of a strong, porous material, the external arrestor acts as an aggressive heat sink, dispersing lower exhaust temperatures radially, away from engine personnel, in the event of a crankcase explosion. The external flame arresting process also allows for better internal engine clearance.

The new BICERA Revolution™ Valve is designed with a smaller diameter to allow for closer installations between valve centers and on doors with smaller surface areas. The new valve also features a 115cm2/1m3 relief area to crankcase volume ratio that can provide the same level of explosion protection with fewer number of valves.

The ultra-lightweight BICERA Revolution™ Valve is roughly half the weight of competitor designs, allowing for easy assembly without the need for lifting lugs. Its simple mechanical design of minimal components presents fewer potential points of failure and simplifies the manufacturing process to ensure consistently superior quality at lower costs. Lastly, a single sealing point with no oil return weep hole ensures leak-free operation.

Penn-Troy’s BICERA Revolution™ Valve comes in four models to meet assembly time and space requirements: Bolt-on, Weld-on, Integrated Door Unit, and Quick Detachable. Its performance has been certified to the IACS UR M66 specification by ABS, BV, DNV and RINA.

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