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Pentair`s Polarex - Extractive Separations Video

Hydrocarbon Streams are contaminated by soluble polar (or ionic) contamination in a variety of ways (viz., caustic treatment, amine treatment, acid catalysts etc). The contaminant typically exists within the hydrocarbon phase in a soluble form, and in some cases it may not even be ionized within the non-polar hydrocarbon. Nevertheless, it is generally necessary to remove these contaminants. In some cases, the contaminants may poison downstream process equipment; or example, diesel fired turbines are sensitive to alkali metal contaminants; selective hydrogenation units (SHU) are sensitive to sodium). In other cases, these soluble contaminants represent an ongoing operating cost (i.e., amine dissolved in a C3/C4 stream needs to be made up with fresh (expensive) amine).

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