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Permit to Work Software - Video

ASK EHS Permit To Work Software:

Till date majority of Industries still follows a paper based Permit To Work System, this may not be by choice but may be due to the unavailability of viable solutions.

All the Software companies offering a system based solutions have a predefined structured software’s, based on a generic design of a system.

These solutions are not open for accommodating client’s requirements; instead the Client has to accommodate to their Systems.

This process produces new Challenges
• The First challenge is that Electronic Permit to work system May Not Match to your Existing Paper Based Permit to work System.

• It Might also seem that Hierarchy in existing paper based system is quite different from Electronic PTW system.

• You may feel that your current flow of the PTW system is not in line with the electronic PTW systems.

• The biggest challenge an organization may face is to change the existing Paper based PTW systems if they wish to adopt an Electronic System.

• Even if an organization is ready for that transition, than it adds an additional challenge which requires re training off all the employees, which in turn results in a lot of time consumption and hence loss in productions.

ASK EHS E-PTW Software comes with an option for Customization of the Software; it can be Tailor-made so that
“You don’t adjust to the Software the Software Adjusts to your System'

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