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Pond Aeration Systems by Airmax Ecosystems Video

Learn how a pond aeration system by Airmax Ecosystems can breathe new life into you pond. Proper pond aeration is by far the most important step in creating the perfect ecosystem in any large pond or lake. Maintaining a clean, healthy pond can be simple once you understand its life cycle and learn to work with Mother Nature, not against her. In the next few minutes, you'll learn more about the natural life cycle that occurs in every pond, and how the addition of The Airmax Ecosystem gives you a clear advantage to achieving a cost effective way to keep your pond or lake clean, clear and healthy. The Airmax Ecosystem pond management program, often referred to as the 'fountain of Youth' for ponds, is a simple process that works with mother nature to stop many of the common problems associated with a pond. The results are a clean and healthy pond. Even today, many pond owners rely solely on REACTIVE pond management practices to keep their ponds clear of excessive, unwanted, aquatic growth. They typically wait for the problem to appear, then treat it chemically. Although sometimes necessary as a management tool, chemical applications are only a short-term fix and act as a bandage to the real problem. Chemical treatments can only kill aquatic weeds. In turn, the aquatic weeds remain in the pond as decaying organic material which, over time, becomes muck feeding future aquatic weed growth.
With the introduction of the Airmax® Ecosystem pond management program, pond owners have now been able to convert to, and rely on, PROACTIVE pond management practices. With the use of aeration, 100% natural bacteria and pond dyes, they have been able to get directly at the SOURCE of their problems; excessive nutrients in the pond.

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