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Portable Explosion Proof LED Light - Non-Spark Aluminum Base - 70 Watt Led Light w/ Inline Switch Video

The EPL-BS-70LED-100 Portable Explosion Proof LED Light from Larson Electronics is rated Class 1 Division 1-2 Groups C & D and Class 2 Division 1-2 and produces 5,800 lumens of light while drawing only 70 watts.

The EPL-BS-70LED-100 explosion proof LED light provides 4,500 square feet of work area coverage with 5,800 lumens of light output. It is available in 360° and 180° beam spreads. This portable LED light is mounted to a handheld aluminum frame with an explosion proof on/off switch on the back of the frame. The LED light head on this unit produces a brilliant flood pattern of light that is ideal for illuminating enclosed areas and hazardous locations where flammable vapors, gases and dusts may be present.

This explosion proof LED light fixture is comprised of a 70 watt LED light head mounted atop a base stand fabricated from non sparking spun aluminum with a convenient carrying handle built into the top of the stand. The aluminum frame features an explosion proof switch built into the cord wrap on the back of the unit. Included with this LED light is 100 feet of SOOW cord terminating in an 1523 explosion proof straight blade plug.

This unit is also multi-voltage capable and can be configured to operate on 120-277 volts 50/60 Hz. This lamp is T5 temperature rated and the LED light head retains 80% of its lumen output after 60,000 hours of use, far longer than incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

Note on Beam Spread: The 360° beam spread is the standard directional output and typical for flood lights. The 180° shines in only one direction. This is good for down lighting, wall packs and for not blinding oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

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