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Prime Solution - Rotary Fan Press for Front Royal Video

The PRIME SOLUTION to your dewatering needs is the Rotary Fan Press; Made in the USA, meets all requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and currently over 80 installations worldwide. Prime Solution is built around individuals with more than thirty years designing, building and servicing liquid/solid separation equipment for municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors.

The Rotary Fan Press provides the most cost effective, space saving, simple and efficient dewatering systems for your application, available in four sizes to meet your facilities needs and requirements. All systems are continuous operation, slow moving at 1 rpm, have an enclosed environment and automated cleaning with minimal parts to maintain. Simplified solids handling, by elimination of storage lagoons, drying beds or liquid hauling provides an economical solution with our value added compact skid and mobile systems. Higher throughputs in less space and enclosed for a better working environment. Complete system from a single source and ready for immediate operation. The Prime Rotary Fan Press gives you total control of your process flow INSIDE the press. Municipal Water and Wastewater Utilities greatly benefit utilizing the technology the Rotary Fan Press has to offer. Prime Solution, Inc. is leading the way in cost effective dewatering solutions.

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