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Pursanova (TM) PursaLite (TM) Liquid Treatment - 1st test Video

She has never seen the PursaLite and have no idea what it does until she tried it.

Enhance All of your Favorite Beverages
with PursaLite™, including:
water juices energy drinks teas cocoa alcoholic drinks coffee wine soft drinks nutritional drinks soups

Liquid Conversion Technology
With a simple stir (5-10 seconds) of The PursaLite, say goodbye to bitterness and harshness and hello to an incredibly smooth and vitally improved beverage.

How does it Work?
The resonance energy transfer caused by the ceramic ores helps reduces acids and formation of free radicals. This characteristic allows beverages to be rid of contaminants that can affect its taste, improving flavor without use of additives. The PursaLite is a healthy choice that's both affordable and convenient.

Wash the PursaLite™ thoroughly with a mild detergent and soft brush and rinse prior to its first use, and periodically as well. Rinse with water after each use to keep the stainless steel coil and ores clean and sanitary. PursaLite™ is made using high-quality food grade stainless steel and proprietary ceramic ores of natural and organic minerals. Please keep out of reach of children.

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