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PWTech VT302 Volute Thickener - Video


PWTech's Volute Thickener can run on almost anything, whether it's municipal RAS/WAS, digested sludge, or high-FOG industrial wastewater feeds. This VT302 is working with an Aqua Prime filter to replace a primary clarifier with a far smaller, less expensive solution. While list capacity on the PWTech VT302 is 300 GPM, the advanced controls help this one achieve over 450 GPM thickening raw wastewater up to 10% solids, or deliver thickened sludge at exactly the solids level appropriate for the wastewater treatment process.

A full VT306 can handle throughputs up to 2 MGD, allowing one thickener to work with an Aqua Prime filter to replace primary clarifiers in plants up to 20 MGD, or over 100 MGD when multiple Volute Thickeners are deployed.

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