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Quick Cuts: Dri Eaz iSeries Dehumidifier Controls - Video

Learn the benefits of the sensor-driven controls built into Dri-Eaz iSeries dehumidifiers and see how to operate the control panel for Dri-Eaz Revolution, 7000XLi, 2800i, and 3500i refrigerant dehumidifiers. This onboard technology optimizes dehumidifier performance plus provides more efficient and consistent monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions. For more information, go to www.Dri-Eaz.com

Features and specs:

Revolution LGR: http://bit.ly/1iM5cmf
LGR 7000XLi: http://bit.ly/1fg6T7u
LGR 2800i: http://bit.ly/1BWwVqt
LGR 3500i: http://bit.ly/1x5mqN3

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