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REDWAVE - Metal Sorting Video

REDWAVE supplies ground-breaking and economic sorting plants for recyclables as well as turnkey waste treatment plants.

Furthermore, it is a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines with a sturdy industrial design. They feature a high selectivity for several recycling materials. This results in a high yield of pure fractions. REDWAVE is operating worldwide and headquartered in Austria. It maintains branch offices in Germany, USA, China and Singapore.

REDWAVE is the industry leader in XRF (X-ray Fluorescent) optical sort technology, the most advanced commercially available nonferrous sortation equipment. A Redwave XRF unit has the advantage of being able to identify and sort not only heavy metals from Aluminum in shredder streams but also sort the individual heavy metals (copper, brass, stainless, etc.) and the different grades of Aluminum based on alloy grades based on copper, zinc, etc. (356.1 vs. A380 for example). Furthermore, the unit is capable of separating individual alloys from each other (e.g. 316 and 317 from 304 or several brass and bronze alloys). Our innovative free-fall configuration allows for sorting a greater mix of metals with fewer processing steps while still producing a very high level of sorted purity. The nonferrous scrap is being processed at throughputs rates of up to 15 tph making the payback period window pretty amazing in most scenarios.

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