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Reinforced Road Shoulders, Poland - Video

New European traffic safety regulations require local authorities throughout Europe to widen rural roads so that shoulders can safely accommodate vehicles. Shoulders have be be able to bear required vehicle weights in order to prevent loss of control, rollovers and head-on collisions. At the same time, the solution had to suit the green landscapes through which these roads pass.PRS-Neoweb provides a green surface cover as well as reinforcement that enable drivers to maintain control of their vehicles when they go off the road.
Neoloy® based Neoweb™ solutions can be quickly installed in all-weather conditions, and in limited space. Surface cover can be soft -- grass or gravel or paved hard cover virgin or recycled concrete or asphalt. The reinforcement provides sufficient strength for even large trucks to safely go off road. Neoweb based shoulders are a cost-effective and aesthetic solution for all types of paved and unpaved road.

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