Remote Pig Tracking Made Easy with Armadillo Tracks Video


Historically, pigs have been tracked by a team of field technicians who follow the pig from its launch to the trap, over the course of many days and nights. For multiple-pig runs, more pigs in the line means more trackers are required, multiplying the problems faced by technicians out in the field. In comes Armadillo Tracks by PureHM Armadillo Tracks is an automated pig tracking and bench marking system that eliminates the risks of traditional pig tracking. Designed to be a much safer, reliable, and more cost effective system for operators and field technicians; Armadillo Tracks uses Remote Tracking Units, or RTUs, built to withstand extreme weather conditions. Technicians and operators can get real-time SMS or Email updates of flow changes, stoppages, pig passages, launches or estimated arrivals.

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