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`Responsibility` by HIMA - Safety Nonstop I English Version Video

Lessons from the RMS Titanic: Technology alone cannot ensure safety. Responsibilities for safety cannot be delegated. To guarantee safety in a plant or in a production side, sound processes and procedures must be established. And the establishment of these is a senior management responsibility. 90% of all accidents occur due to human error. To find a solution, new standards have been established. This all falls under the generic term 'functional safety' which covers issues such as the overall lifecycle of a plant through all of its individual phases.

The safety culture of a company affects the productivity of a plant. Investing in the futures means investing in safety.

The basic idea of the international standard IEC61508 and IEC61511 is to separate the DCS layer and the safety system layer. This gives the enduser a chance to take the best systems.

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