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Rheticus Displacement HQ Video

Rheticus® Displacement
Automatic cloud-based geoinformation service for monitoring infrastructures (buildings, railways, roads, dams, etc.) and ground structural weaknesses.

Monitoring is essential to assessing and predicting landslides or ground structural weaknesses, which could affect buildings or infrastructures.

To get accurate information over areas subject to subsidence or slow moving landslides, in order to anticipate potential risks, is fundamental for organizations and professionals working in civil protection, master plan management and insurance.

Rheticus®Displacement is a geoinformation service designed for the monitoring of earth's surface movements, aimed at monitoring areas subject to landslides and subsidence, and the stability of infrastructures.

Using European Copernicus Sentinel-1 open data or COSMO-SkyMed data images and persistent scatterers techniques, the service is complementary to traditional survey methods, providing a long-term solution to ground instability monitoring.

Rheticus®Displacement is a service of land monitoring designed for the monitoring of large area, which provides detailed information on:
- Check of slope stability due to slow landslides movements;
- Analysis of the presence of phenomena of instability in the preliminary and the final phase of the planning of works and infrastructures;
- Monitoring the impact of the works and infrastructures construction on the slope stability;
- Check of the results of the interventions of slope stabilization.

It is targeted to:
Infrastructures and works managers and builders; Public Administration; Planners & professionals in the territory.

Timely identification of subsidence phenomena and landslides, optimization of on site monitoring activities, planning of emergency maintenance interventions.

Key Benefits:
- Updated knowledge of ground conditions
- Continuous monitoring of landslide areas
- Limited cost of service management
- Safeguarding of investments

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