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ride on sweeper side open top cover

Model MN-E800 is a sweeper which combined functions of vacuum, sweeper and water spry. It is good to be used for outdoor cleaning, such as park, sanitation, cleaning company, property management company, square and university, Model MN-E800 series including MN-E800L(lithium battery) and MN-E8006.

1/ increase the chassis design, flat filter, built-in powerful dust control systems, more powerful vacuum cleaner, sweeping width up to 1850mm.
2/ the use of advanced high-performance maintenance-free batteries, no leaking, can’t produce harmful gases.
3/ has international advanced technology of cleaning and suction system, the theoretical utilization of dust bin is nearly 100%
4/ Reliable high-quality components reduce maintenance and repair costs.
5/ Solid tire, airport-specific, and durable
6/ high-quality electronic control system, over current, under voltage protection, more secure.

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