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Samplex CS6000 in Operation at CBH Chadwick, Western Australia Video


TekPro Ltd supply 4 x Samplex CS6000-21 samplers and 4 x Samplex CS6000-28 samplers to CBH Chadwick Site in Western Australia.

Since its official opening in September the upgraded Chadwick site is proving itself as a ‘site of the future’. At the height of harvest, approximately 55 trucks per hour (or 3000 tonne per Hour) were being sampled and weighed.

Esperance Zone Manager Mick Daw said the site has lived up to expectations.'Having all the sampling and weighing functions together has proved to be very successful, we have been able to get good productivity through the new sample decks. There is also plenty of scope to make these more efficient with the assistance of more technology. To date we have been very pleased with all aspects of the set up with very few problems arising during what turned out to be a very busy year.' He said.

'The new technology and processes in place at Chadwick have been viewed as prototypes for development across our network.  The most successful elements will be used when upgrading or developing sites in the future. A new receival site at Mirambeena in the Albany zone, which is scheduled to be operational by the 2016/17 harvest, will mirror many of the innovations installed at Chadwick.'

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