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SaniTEE Screening (Septic Tank Effluent Filter) Device Video

SaniTEE® self-cleaning wastewater deflection screens (commonly known as septic tank effluent filters) are designed to reduce suspended solids discharged in septic tank effluent by promoting natural sedimentation and excluding gas-lifted particles from entering the outlet pipe. Additionally, SaniTEEs patented keyhole weirs help to attenuate surge flows, delivering a more consistent flow for further treatment or dispersal. These features help extend the life of drain field, reduce the clogging of orifices in effluent disposal systems and allow flexibility in the use of different types of effluent pumps. SaniTEE wastewater screens are available in 4, 8 and 16 model sizes with flow capacities up to 20,000 GPD. Multiple screens can be used for flows higher than 20,000 GPD.

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