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SAT400 No-Metal Parts Pump Video


There are basically two systems of operation of the ultrapure air pumps: diaphragm pumps and bellows pumps. Our model reflects the bellows system that has the added benefit compared with the membrane to have a number of cycles of pumping very low. This allows you to harmonize the flow and pressure of the fluid, with a value of positive or negative deviation in output close to zero. Furthermore, compared with global competitors, the pump SAT400 has installed within its body pump, bellows compensation (patent pending SAT) that allow you to zero fluctuations of the fluid in outing. The pump appears to be mechanically robust, and universally chemically resistant to attack by acids, solvents and high purity fluids like water, and resistant to high temperatures, preferably up to 200 ° C. There is the possibility of reaching higher temperature values using the version made entirely of Teflon ultrapure PFA. The pump is also controlled through constant monitoring and reliable, and easy maintenance.

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