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SCHNEEBERGER overview MONORAIL and AMS English Video

Schneeberger MONORAIL profiled guideway

When the heaviest loads in milling, turning, drilling or grinding machines need to be moved in an accurate manner, reliable linear bearings are one of the elements required for this. Schneeberger has the right solution in the form of its MONORAIL MR series, which is intended for various types of application and weight class.

Schneeberger integrated measuring system for distance measurement

If you need exact linear movements, the profiled linear guideway utilised must meet the strictest requirements with regard to quality. Extremely precise distance measurements are also required. Schneeberger offers cost-optimised solutions in the form of its Integrated measuring system for distance measurement, which can be used for a wide range of applications.

The most common areas of application are:

Medical technology
Semiconductor industry
Surface finishing
Optical industry
Pick & place

SCHNEEBERGER offers a broad range of products, from linear and profiled guide ways through to complete linear-drive positioning systems designed especially for their customer.

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