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SCHROEDAHL pump protection English 2015 Video

Our pump protection valves guarantee the minimum flow of centrifugal pumps in power, industrial and process plants of the oil and gas industry.
From low pressures to extremely high pressures of up to 640 bar.
Our trustworthy solutions are well-known in the chemical industry. They control the processes of steam and water cycles and ensure the regulation of the chemical media.
In the power sector, our control valves can be found in small processing plants as well as major fossil and nuclear power plants, with an output of up to 1,600 megawatt.

We set the 'bar' very high when it comes to quality -- we meet the highest quality requirements in terms of material and machining. No matter where our valves are installed

Our sophisticated 'CNC' machinery enables highly precise machining of corrosion-resistant duplex steels and high-quality titanium alloys, besides standard materials.
State-of-the-art equipment, 3-D 'CAD' engineering, which is supported
by our 'CAM' system, leaves nothing to chance.

This enables us to exceed set standards -- worldwide

Seat-leakage, pressure, and flow rates of all Schroedahl valves are checked on our own testing stations. Only perfectly manufactured valves leave our company.
And they are most durable. Therefore, we make sure that we can manufacture any spare part you might require -- even after decades.

We constantly share our know-how and we instruct pump manufacturers, plant designers, operators, as well as service and maintenance personnel -- all around the world!
If you send us a specification for a product, do not be surprised if we suggest a more economical and durable version.

Take a look at our maintenance movies and learn how to prolong the lifetime of your valves

Innovation based on tradition!

In over 50 years' we have gained comprehensive application know-how in the 'business of flow and pressure'.

Highly sophisticated analysis tools and Computer Fluid Dynamics simulation programmes provide us with important information on the potential for optimization. The experience-based estimation of the thermodynamic effects allows us to predict the actual behaviour of media and materials.
This way we can be sure that there will be no unforeseen surprises.

Nature, politics and the planet's resources are forcing us to find new solutions. We are already a step ahead - in our flow laboratory our R&D Department is constantly researching and developing new advanced solutions for you and for the future of your business.

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