H. Barber & Sons, Inc.

Shells Cleaned off Beach with Barber Beach Cleaner

The Barber Surf Rake Beach Cleaner shovels shells off the beach without picking up any sand! by using tines to rake the shells out of the sand, the beach cleaning machine then shakes the shells as they ride up the conveyor, before being deposited sand-free into the rear bucket for disposal.

Barber Beach Cleaners are the most-used beach cleaning equipment in the world and clean a variety of sand types. They are especially good at removing seaweed, shells, rocks, stones, and man-made debris, leaving the beach clean and safe for others to enjoy. And unlike traditional sifting machines, the Barber can clean the beach quickly at speeds up to 15 mph/ (25km/hr). Check out our other videos to see the Barber Surf Rake in action, or visit the official Barber website:


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