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SHREDDING TEST | Aluminium Swarf M600

Even metal swarf gets short shrift at ERDWICH!

In metal-working shops utilising swarf-producing manufacturing techniques, the generated swarf is often an underestimated cost factor:

• The machine operator must drive swarf containers away instead of working productively on the machine tool

• If the swarf container becomes overfilled, swarf re-enters the conveyor system. As a result, the conveyor jams and the machine is halted.

• This means your expensive machine tool cannot attain its full productive potential.

• The key challenge here is therefore: PROCESS RELIABILITY


Other day-to-day challenges include:

• Overflowing swarf containers

• Excessive reductions in the market scrap price due to oil residues

• Unnecessary personnel costs for company-internal swarf

• Danger of injury from bulky, barbed bundles of swarf

But there is another way. In fact, there are several proven solutions – centralised and decentralised – to this problem. ERDWICH machines and plant for swarf shredding and processing offer the highest levels of economic viability, safety and efficiency.








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