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Silo system 150m3 Video

The RUNI Silo System has been designed to compact large amounts of material by using a silo as a buffer during peak periods. This saves labour costs and avoids wasted time and manpower, as the self-contained pre-crusher has considerably larger capacity than the compactor.

The pre-crusher and the compactor are separate units in a typical fully automated silo system. The material is fed into a Heavy Duty Pre-crusher with high-capacity, and after this it is blown through a system of pipes to the silo. The silo automatically distributes the material on to one or more compactors at the ideal rate.

Silo systems can also be used when compacting dust, or when limited space means that the feed hopper and compactor must be separate, for example on a separation line, where the pre-crusher can be located in the unloading area, while the compactor and silo are located in a separate room.

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