Blue Diamond Attachments

Blue Diamond Attachments

Skid Steer Cold Planer : Blue Diamond Attachments Video

The Blue Diamond Cold Planer is an extremely high quality skid steer attachment that uses components from the most trusted names in the industry. From the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub, these high end components combine with our advanced engineering and design to make this cold planer one of the most trusted and reliable units available for your skid steer!

The extra large access cover allows easier tooth replacement, reducing tooth change time by up to 50% compared to competitors. This also provides a much safer and easier way to change the teeth instead of getting under the unit!

Using the Rocket Fin tooth from the factory and the V tooth pattern setup, vibration is reduced and productivity is greatly increased! The adjustable side runners provide fine adjustment for grade control.

The Blue Diamond Cold Planer is designed for a wide range of applications, like removal of asphalt surfaces prior to overlay, or shoulder widening projects, pothole repair, restoring drainage near curb lines and mixing stabilizing agents into bases for more durable repair.

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