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Skywater 300 Atmospheric Water Generator - Video

The Skywater® 300 uses Island Sky®s Patented Air-To-Water Technology to produce up to 300 gallons (1100 liters) per day of fresh, drinking water from vapor in the air. See more at

Imagine the convenience of water where you need it when you need it: an abundant, reliable source of fresh, drinking water. When common sources of water are so often contaminated, Skywater® is a reliable water supply without the risk.

The most abundant source of fresh water is the Earths atmosphere. When atmospheric humidity condenses, it turns into rain. Skywater® 300 replicates this natural process of condensation by simulating the dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in low humidity conditions. This is Skywater®'s patented adiabatic distillation process.

Imitating nature again, Skywater® 300 generates ozone to purify the water. Ozone (O3), a natural occurring gas that is produced in nature when it rains, binds with water to eliminate bacteria and other impurities. Skywater® 300 does this by pumping ozone through the water as it is collected. Unlike other water treatment methods such as chlorine, ozone leaves no taste.

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