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Small, agile and powerful, this mini sonic drill rig outperforms! - Video

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With its small footprint, easy maneuverability and unique sonic drilling method, the Sonic Probe 200 offers four substantial benefits over direct-push rigs. It can drill quieter, faster, deeper and easily through cobble material while providing continuous core samples.

Like its larger sonic rig brothers, the Sonic Probe 200 works by forcing oscillations down the drill string to allow it to easily drill through a variety of materials -- with or without using any drilling fluid and without producing any cuttings. It also carries a significantly smaller price tag than a full-sized sonic rig, allowing more companies to incorporate sonic drilling technology into their business.

The patented Sonic Probe 200 is built using the same exacting engineering standards as larger versions and, conveniently, it also utilizes all standard direct-push tooling.

This video shows the Sonic Probe 200 drill rig, built by the Sonic Drill Corporation, coring DRY in unconsolidated material without the need for water or drilling mud. Using a single wall core barrel, plastic liner and sampling shoe, core samples can range from 50 mm to 100 mm in diameter. A water swivel option is also available for sampling with circulation fluid.

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