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Solar Light Company, Inc. Model PMA2100 Research Grade Datalogging Radiometer Video

Solar Light Company, Inc.'s Model PMA2100 data logging radiometer is a research grade instrument that can be used with over 35 different sensors. It functions as a light meter, photometer, and UV meter measuring UVA, UVB, UVC, Visible, and IR light. These models use intelligent sensor detection and data processing, allowing the user to add new sensors quickly and easily to measure different kinds of light without having to use a different meter. They feature graphic display, data logging, complex processing algorithms, selectable units of measure, averaging, tracking minima and maxima, dose integration and programmable alarm thresholds – all in a small hand-held device. Analog Output is 0-4.5VDC and is standard on all models. This kit features the PMA Datalogging Organizer software (sample rate in minutes), a battery charger, a USB cable, and a hard cover carrying case.

Applications include laboratory and industrial radiometry, uv curing, uv printing, and uv photolithography, skin and upf testing, clinical studies, phototherapy, environmental monitoring, material testing, and uv transmission measurements.

Solar Light Company, Inc. has been recognized worldwide for over 50 years as America's premier manufacturer of precision ultraviolet light sources, solar simulators, and radiometers. Our standard line of UV, visible, and IR radiometers and light meters measure laboratory, industrial, environmental, and health related light levels with NIST traceable accuracy. Column ozone, aerosol, and water vapor thickness measurements, in addition to long-term global ultraviolet radiation studies all over the world are performed using our atmospheric line of instrumentation. Solar Light also provides NIST traceable spectroradiometric analyses, calibrations for light meters and light sources, accelerated ultraviolet radiation degradation testing of materials, and OEM instrumentation and monitors. Please visit for more details, specifications, and pictures!

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