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Sorbilite Technology - Convert Waste Materials Into Profits - Video - We are excited to show you one of the most innovative systems that entrepreneurs and business owners can acquire in the market today. What if you could take waste materials such as wood, rubber, plastics, plant materials and composites and convert them into products that the market is demanding? This technology is at the heart of the Green Sciences Industry. Entrepreneurs who are successful at finding ways to convert waste into useful and viable products that the market wants to buy are tapping into a gold-mine of opportunity, right here, right now. Sorbilite is introducing this techology in such an affordable way that businesses or individuals around the globe can take advantage of it to create a whole new business, while at the same time improving the standard of living in their part of the world. This technology is no longer limited to the West. Instead developing countries now have access to this ground-breaking system currently being used to produce millions of dollars worth of products for use around the world. The Sorbilite Technology is able to produce artisan doors, cabinets, shelves, tiles, furniture, composite boards and other three-dimensional products that can be sold in the marketplace. These products are unique in that they are manufactured using the Sorbilite Technology that meets many of the world's standards for 'green' products. With the global movement towards pro-active harvesting and management of waste materials, there is an endless supply of the raw materials needed for Sorbilite's compression systems, at low cost, and sometime even at no cost. This system is also very portable, allowing a business to be established and grow in any part of the world. No longer is a business required to build a large manufacturing plant, invest in multiple machines for preparing materials for the manufacturing process, or other machines for different types of products. Sorbilite has put all the requirements to produce composite products in one simple machine. All that is required is your imagination to find the waste materials to create the products you want to sell. Now is the time to take advantage of this techology and position yourself and your business as an innovative 'green' manufacturing leader. The demand for 'green' products is growing, and the materials available to produce them are widely available at extremely low cost. You can be the catalyst to grow a profitable business that not only produces much-needed products, but can be a part of the solution to manage waste materials in your part of the world.

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