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Sorting plastics

Nowadays plastics can be found in almost any area of life and therefore represent a wide potential in closed-loop recycling management, e.g. in material recycling as well as thermal re-utilization. The collected plastics are sorted on the basis of their polymer consistency. In the field of material recycling, in particular, the recovery of PET is well established. As for thermal re-utilization, chlorine components and other contaminants must be eliminated to gain secondary fuels in defined output quality, even in case of variable input streams. The material to be turned into secondary fuel normally originates from domestic waste, industrial refuse and mixed plastics collected separately. The use of EVK´s state-of-the-art sensors makes it possible to turn waste materials into highgrade refuse derived fuel (RDF).

In the field of plastics recycling, EVK offers technologies, products and sensor systems which facilitate the identification and pure classification of polymer recycling materials as well as the separation of impurities.

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