Spilltration Video

Introducing Spilltration absorbents – exclusive to Stratex.

Spilltration absorbents selectively absorbs oil and fuel, while allowing clean water to filter through. A high performing absorbent when compared to conventional spill control products, it absorbs oil twice as fast. Spilltration is specifically engineered for wet and rainy conditions

It’s the only absorbent in Australia of its kind and is available in husky pads, rolls and shammy towels. It’s a far superior solution to standard polypropylene absorbents. It produces impressive results with its ability to filter water.

The shammy towels are reusable, saving you on disposal costs. It absorbs oil on water and can be rung out and reused up to 10 times.

With compact packaging husky pads are easy to store, taking up 80% less storage space they’re made from recycled post-consumer & post industrial waste, helping you to meet sustainability requirements.

The Spilltration range is a unique solution for rainy and wet conditions. Use for oil spills in fuel depots, road construction, wash bays and vehicle clean ups.

Enhance your spill safety programme with Spilltration from Stratex.

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