Technical Absorbents Ltd.

Super Absorbent Water Removal Technology From Oils and Fuels Video

Technical Absorbents provides industry-leading levels of innovation and expertise to the filtration market, with its diverse range of Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF). SAF-based nonwovens roll goods portfolio.

A significant reason for the majority of oil and fuel system failures is the presence of high water levels as dissolved, dispersed and free water. SAF is the key component in a wide range of enhanced nonwoven filter media fabrics that are designed to remove such contaminants from aviation fuel, automotive diesel and a wide range of oils, to very low ppm levels, at industry-leading rates. As a result, the technology helps reduce fuel and oil degradation, provides the required filter quality for efficient machine operation, offers full compliance to meet stringent international filtration standards (particularly in the aviation fuel and hydraulic oil markets).