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Tank Inspection with INSPEKTOR ZOOM Pole Camera - Video

The new INSPEKTOR ZOOM Articulating Inspection Camera is a great professional tool that will help you reach most types of confines spaces, or hazardous areas. It features 10.9 feet mechanically extendable pole, 10X optical zoom, remote articulation (tilt), super bright illumination (24 LEDs,), the depth of view really depends on the illumination. It's 1 - 100 ft in complete dark and 1 - 200 ft in daylight.
This video shows what the picture looks like at a tank inspection.
With a working length of a pole that's is almost 11 feet you can lower the camera down a manhole and then make an inspection using remotely articulated (180° tilt) camera head and 10X optical zoom.
As you can see, it has strong light that is able to illuminate the whole tank interior and even see the distal wall in details.
The camera has automatically adjustable focus.

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