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Temporary Protective Floor Covering (TPFC) - Video 1

History - Drawing on our extensive experience within the absorbent industry, the last three years have been focused on developing Armor Grid Absorbent Mats and the Armor Grid Temporary Protective Floor Covering (TPFC).

The Armor Grid Mats and TPFC have been designed to exceed the demands faced by MRO industry’s toughest spill-containment and construction challenges.

Layers - The layers within the Armor Grid Mats and TPFC are laminated together using state-of-the-art equipment purposely designed and engineered to evenly apply Just Suk It Up’s proprietary adhesive permanently bonding and securing all three layers together.

Grid - The tough grid found on the Armor Grid TPFC withstands the heaviest of uses while protecting flooring and staircase surfaces.

Cushioning - The engineered bi-component cotton-fibre padding protects flooring from scratches and dents due to falling tools and heavy traffic. The cushioning is made from 100% recycled fibres.

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