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Thailand Tsunami Buoys Video

BANGKOK - December 20th, 2010
As planned two Envirtech Tsunami-Buoys and related Poseidon Class Tsunameters have been deployed in Andaman Sea to improve the Thai Tsunami Warning System capabilities. Both systems are working properly transmitting real time data to the NDWC headquarter located in Bangkok. Bottom units have been deployed on seabed between 600 and 2600 meters depth, off-shore Phuket and Surin Islands, far enough to give time to raise an alarm in case of assessed tsunami approach. Collected data, actually under evaluation by the National Disaster Warning Center personnel, will be availble for free access to the international community via the WMO-GTS. Each sea bottom unit collects sea level with an accuracy of 1 mm per million and transmits it to the surface buoy via acoustic telemetry.
More info on http://www.envirtech.com/Envirtech_Tsunami_Buoys.html

Credits: Miho Aoki, Walden Media, INGV.

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