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The Best Gulf Oil Removal Solution Video Mobius Technologies can provide the most absorbent synthetic oil-sorbent available in the world today. Period. And, the greatest quantity of this proven oil-sorbent can be delivered immediately to the Gulf. Specifically, Mobius can deliver 2,000,000 lbs of its EPA authorized MPU-Oil-Sorbent powder (Micronized polyurethane powder) to the gulf within 5-days and via air cargo from its current inventory and millions more continuously thereafter.

Applied Ratio: 25,000 barrels of crude oil can be absorbed by 2.00Mlbs of MPU.

Within seconds of application MPU forms an immediate oil-cake that is resistant to wave action and DOES NOT SINK and is easily collectable by skimmers, or sand-skimmers or shovels, etc on shore or even by hand. MPU is listed on the unofficial EPA approval list for oil-sorbents: . Further MPU is a highly caloric and can be used to absorb more oil and then significant enhance the total oil removed in control burns.

We can deliver the first MPU shipment in 2 weeks to the Gulf. By air, obvious much faster. Mobius can then supply 1,000,000+ lbs every 2 weeks thereafter and quite possibly much more. We will be able to develop greater production output (3x or 3.0Mlbs/2weeks) of MPU once we know we have a project to apply it to in these quantities; in assisting those on the ground and water in removing oil in the gulf, the gulf tragedy would provide the needed impetus to more fully extend production capacity. It is our hope that oil-spill first-responders, the USCG, and remediation contractors can make such a solution a reality.

Polyurethane powder is not a new oil-sorbent solution by any stretch. It's unmatched (except for one form of organic sorbent, which sinks once saturated) oil-sorbent ratio has been known for decades. It also works on emulsified oil (See demonstrations both in video and sequential pictures: ) which, as we all know, is an almost impossible material to effectively collect.

We now have, and can consistently deliver, the quantities needed that can have a very, very significant impact in the Gulf, both on land and sea, and look forward to speaking with a decision-maker who can test and then apply en-masse this remarkable oil-sorbent to wherever crude oil needs to be PERMANENTLY REMOVED.

Thank you for allowing Mobius Technologies to help.

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