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The Green SmartWasher Parts Washer Tested on The Lazy Environmentalist Video The all-in-one green SmartWasher passes a car mechanics' test with flying colors! The ChemFree Smart Washer was featured on The Lazy Environmentalist television show on the Sundance Channel. This show gives people environmentally-friendly alternatives that do not cost more to use and actually work! ChemFree's SmartWasher and the green degreaser OzzyJuice was put to the test, cleaning motor oil and grease off of high quality automobile parts for these mechanics. The mechanics were interested in keeping their cost down while still doing the job that their old hazardous cleaners did for them and the green parts washer, the SmartWasher complied! The eco-friendly SmartWasher is green, powerful and environmentally responsible and doesn't sacrifice performance. The microbes used inside the SmartWasher are biological agents that eat the grease, oil and other contaminants cleaned off the parts without the hazards produced from solvent use. This machine is perfect for an auto repair shop where chemicals such as motor oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid, wheel grease and automotive varnish are present. Parts washing in a green way can doesn't have to be a challenge; the SmartWasher makes it easy!

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