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The Memory of Water: Part 1 Video

Learn how water can have a unique memory. Get memory infused drops for superhuman performance at

What else is in this video?

• To what extent is water capable of picking up information?

• What does water perceive and how does it remember it over time?

• Why is the molecular structure of individual drops of water so different from one another?

• How is it that different images from the same water result when given to different people?

• The same water adapts its molecular structure to the different flowers placed in water.

• The significance...water having a memory changes the whole way we look at the world.

• Water is only substance on planet that can exist in 3 states: liquid, solid and gaseous

• Experiments have conclusively proven that water receives and makes an imprint of any outside influence, remembering everything that occurs in the space that surrounds it....any such things coming into contact with the water leaves its trace in that water.

• Professor Rustum Roy, University Pennsylvania & Memeber International Academy of Science: 'Structured water is today the best anti-biotic used by American troops in Afganhistan to kill all germs in wounds and by the President of United States to keep his hands free from infection'

• As water records information it acquires new properties. Yet it's chemical composition remains the same.

• Conventional science has long theorized that the chemical composition of water was the important factor. SENSATIONAL discovery...the structure of water is the most critical element.

• Structure of water means how it's molecules are organized. Water molecules join together into groups. These are called clusters which act as memory cells that record its whole history with the world as if on magnetic tape

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