The Minimizer - Video

The Minimizer by Mil-tek presents a complete overview of Mil-tek's waste management solutions.
At Mil-tek, we have years of experience in helping and guiding businesses in better handling their waste and recycling processes.
We analyse all aspects of your business– from your costs, your hygiene and your handling efficiency, to show you how you can generate revenue from recycled waste.
The final report gives you the perfect overview of your organisation’s savings and the wider benefits you can expect for years to come.
Mil-tek’s range of balers and compactors handle all forms of waste including cardboard, plastic, polystyrene and mixed waste to ensure a tailored solution that exactly matches your organisations’ requirements.
Above all, you improve the environment by disposing of your waste in a better and more responsible manner.
That’s why we say Blue is Green: because the environment means the world to us
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Mil-tek are an ISO140001 certified manufacturer of air-powered balers and compactors. These clean and green, small footprint waste management solutions are designed to minimize waste in organisations and industries of all shapes and sizes. Mil-tek balers and compactors are suitable for almost any material including cardboard, paper, soft plastic, hard plastic, EPS expandable polystyrene, steel cans, tins and drums, general waste and hazardous waste.
Animation by Happy & Co.

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