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The New FatExtractor E-500

Reference methods in food manufacturing offer results with certified accuracy and dependability. During food processing, samples are tested at various production points to ensure full conformance to quality standards. Fat extraction is a reference method for evaluation of food and feed samples. The process is suitable for control of ingredients, mixtures, intermediates and final products.

To find out more about extraction and how to make your extraction workflows fast and flexible, download the Extraction Pocket Guide here 👉 https://bit.ly/2vtwIQy and learn how to take advantage of fully automated extraction systems and adapt to changing application needs easier.

FatExtractor E-500 enables fast extraction of total fat and crude fat from food and feed samples. The fat extraction system offers convenient combination of several extraction methods, such as Soxhlet, hot extraction and Twisselmann in one unit. The fully automated fat extractor can process up to six samples in parallel for faster processing times. The system offers performance that is in full accordance with official regulations:
🔹 Easy switch between Soxhlet, hot extraction and Twisselmann by simple interchange of glass assembly
🔹 Highest extraction efficiency thanks to individual level sensors
🔹 Flexible sample sizes
🔹 Cost-efficient ability to collect and reuse solvent
🔹 Maximal user and environmental safety thanks to innovative flange z-seal system that guarantees minimal solvent emission
🔹 Intuitive operation for users of any skill level with easy setup of an automated extraction or use of pre-set methods

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