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The New UniversalExtractor E-800

Whether you are working in R&D, Pharma, Quality Control or other departments, extraction can be an important step throughout your workflows. It is part of sample preparation prior to further analyses, material design, research for active compounds, quality control of materials or even characterization of polymers.

To find out more about extraction and how to make your extraction workflows fast and flexible by downloading the Extraction Pocket Guide here 👉 https://bit.ly/2WaBvlr
Get the advantage of fully automated extraction systems and adapt to changing application needs easier!

UniversalExtractor E-800 is ideal for sample preparation for challenging applications, such as contaminant and residue detection, R&D of materials, medicinal plants research and textiles analysis. The fat extraction unit combines soxhlet, soxlet warm, hot extraction, Twisselmann and continuous flow in one system. Different fat extraction methods can be used to process up to six samples in parallel for higher process efficiency and time savings.
🔸 Maximal sample safety, especially of heat-sensitive analytes, thanks to protection sensor
🔸 Best recoveries thanks to fully inert conditions
🔸 Highest flexibility with five different extraction methods in one universal glass assembly
🔸 Suitable for higher sample quantities
🔸 Cost-efficient with highest solvent recovery, more than 90%, due to high performance condensers
🔸 Optimal user and workplace safety with zero emissions
🔸 Economic use of space and resources with operation possible outside of fume hood
🔸 Full process visibility

For more information 👉 https://bit.ly/2V3eCnz