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The OBS 500, 3rd Gen Battery Sorter from Refind Video

Meet OBS 600, the world's only automatic battery sorter at speeds of up to 15 batteries per second from
It enables chemistry based sorting to prepare concentrated fractions of Alkaline, Zinc Carbon, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium for further treatment processes of material recovery and recycling of waste portable batteries. Battery labels are recognised by one glance through the camera's eye just as a human's intelligence would recognise a face.

The OBS 600 is the world’s only automatic sorter for waste portable batteries. The system is a complete identification and sorting system for all cylindrical and 9V batteries with a total capacity of more than 600 kg (1200 lbs) per hour. Using artificial intelligence for image recognition the system not only recognises the different chemistries but also collects data that tells the relative share of the recycling stream for each brand and manufacturer.

What do you want to sort today ? has the smartest pair of eyes in sorting technology. You name it, we sort it.

Artificial Intelligence based recognition and sorting is made available by exporting a fusion of sensors such as lasers, RGB, UV, NIR, and 3D cameras in combination with deep learning neural networks for world-class performance. Refind's classifier is applied to various applications such as batteries, lamps, printed circuit boards and all kinds of mixed electronics within the industry with great results.

By determining make and model for each product in real- time, the system can not only tell whether it is good for reuse, refurbishment or recycling, but also logs and lists the products in optimal fractions enabling instant availability for trading, either directly with customers or through digital marketplaces.

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