AERCO International, Inc.

The Power of Innovation Video

AERCO, the company that developed the first high-efficiency, commercial, condensing gas-fired, domestic water heater and hydronic boiler in the U.S. over two decades ago, continues to lead the way in commercial water heating technology with the Innovation line of water heaters. Available in four sizes -- 600, 800, 1060 and 1350 MBH -- Innovation features advanced condensing/modulating technology and a thermal shock-proof, firetube heat exchanger that is highly resistant to scale build-up.

The Innovation design is based on AERCO's 25+ years of experience in the condensing domestic heater market. This gives AERCO an advantage over the competition with long history of succeeding with:
• Real world installation scenarios
• Real world domestic heater water load
profiles and changes
• Real world operating efficiencies

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