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The Precisa Balance Range Overview - Video

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For more than 70 years, Swiss engineers at Precisa Gravimetrics AG have been honing their craft to produce a balance range like no other. The Precisa range features readability from 0.1 grams to Semi Micro. With slide-in modules for advanced connectivity, customizable settings, fully serviceable units and optional IP 65 rated housing the Swiss engineered Precisa balances are unrivaled in versatility and reliability.

Uncompromising, Sophisticated, Elegant.
This is Precisa.

What makes Precisa different? Precisa, a well-known brand in Europe, has made its reputation as a Swiss manufacturer providing high end OEM weighing instruments to international distributors, including some of the global leaders in the weighing industry. After working closely with academic, laboratory, and industrial partners Precisa fine-tuned their own line of precision balances through careful engineering and customer feedback.

The Self-Calibrating System developed by Precisa enables true automated balance calibration. The function features a programmable temperature change and timer capability which ensures that your instrument is always calibrated precisely to support GLP or ISO requirements.

For protection from water splash and harmful dusts, select Precisa balance can be optionally provided with IP 65 rating. The balance is built from the ground up with IP 65 in mind both internally and externally.

Precisa balances allow more component level serviceability in the weighing mechanism, than the leading global manufacturers. Some manufacturers require the replacement of the entire weighing mechanism if damaged or misaligned by shock or overloading. Precisa has elected to maintain component level serviceability to keep service costs low in the interest of customer satisfaction.

Select Precisa balances have built-in statistical analysis. For record keeping, results can be printed on standard 40 character RS232 printers or sent to computers as formatted and labeled data. A wide variety of specific integrated applications are also available, including Pipette Calibration, Buoyancy Correction,

Check Weighing, Density Determination and Dynamic Difference Weighing. Units with real time clocks support data and time stamping for GLP or ISO printing, ideal for results that you must report to others.

The EP includes touchless controls to operate the draft shield with a hand wave for enhanced

contamination control. The EP and the EM supports slide-in modules for advanced connectivity including Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, and USB Host. The laboratory balance line comes in a variety of capacities and

readabilities including semi-micro, analytical, and top loaders up to 34 kilograms.

Precisa has a full range of moisture balances to meet most applications needs. The XM-60HR provide

simple operation, flexibility and built in report printing, while still providing the highest resolution needed for tough applications like plastic pellets. For less demanding applications, the XM-60 is available in a

lower resolution version while maintaining all the XM features. The EM-120HR provides higher resolution with a greater feature set including 100 programmable recipes each supporting three separate heat steps.

The IB Series is a remarkable industrial weighing system using analytical balance technology but

designed for robust, high-precision, industrial loads. The IB system can be configured with one of three indicators which can be platform or post mounted. Dedicated firmware for advanced check weighing or counting is available. Keyboard or barcode readers can be added, as well as light towers and operator

signals to provide an integrated industrial solution for test applications or warehousing.

Precisa offers cost effective solutions for high performance industrial and laboratory applications.

Consider Precisa for your mission critical weighing applications that require versatility, connectivity, and absolute accuracy.

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