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Thermal Desorption Unit with Vapor Recovery

Vulcan Indirect Fire (Holo-Flite) Thermal Desorption System with Vapor Recovery Unit - This system is designed to process up to 8 tons per hour of various contaminated material. The thermal treatment plant is built in a locatable configuration that allows the components to be easily transported on flatbed and double-drop type trailers with the equipment constructed on skids to allow the electrical equipment, air equipment, piping, etc. The list below summarizes the major sub-systems and skid-mounted components:

Material Feed System: Hoppers, 4' x 6' top opening mounted on incline screw auger to form airlock. Material feed is regulated with a variable speed drive on auger.

Primary Treatment Unit (Metso Holo-Flite): Metso Q2420 four screw holo-flite 24' diameter x 20' long with variable speed drive, insulated vapor hood (knock-out chamber), nitrogen quench nozzles and 12' vapor outlet. The system is heated by high temp thermal oil and heat elements are based in screws and outer shell of system. Hot oil header comes complete with high temp shutoff valves, oil filter, inlet and return header and high temp rotary joints.

Hot Oil Boiler: 10 MMBtu hot oil boiler rated for temperatures up to 700 F. System is heated by fuel oil or natural gas burner and comes complete with expansion tank, 500 GPM hot oil pump and controls.

Quench Scrubber: Two part quench system consisting of a venturi spray duct and quench tower used to cool vapor from TDU and remove particulate from vapor stream. The quench operates at 200 F and dust, light oil and water are condensed and removed from vapor steam. The quench scrubber has a vapor outlet, water/oil outlet and sludge sump with drain outlet.

Heat Exchanger: Shell and tube heat exchanger to cool vapor to about 70 F. Cooling fluid is cooled by 50 ton chiller plant. Condensed fluid is removed in drop out box and pumped to oil water separator. Non-condensable vapor is pumped through ID fan to a thermal oxidizer.

Oil/Water Separator: Complete oil water separator with baffles and coalescing media to assist with oil and water separation. The oil/water separator comes complete with pumps and level controls.

Thermal Oxidizer: Refractory lined thermal oxidizer rated at 2,000 F, with a 2 to 5 second residence time. The system comes complete with oil or natural gas burner, burner controls and flame arrestor.

Controls: The system comes complete with PLC controls, touch screen and safety systems.

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