Touch display - iVision vacuum Video

The touch user interface display iVision is designed to facilitate the operator to monitor the status of the vacuum cleaner, ensuring proper maintenance and longer service life of the apparatus aspirant.

The illuminated ring on the top of the display indicates the status of the filter (clean / dirty) and when this should be cleaned.
The device thus allows you to set the mode filter cleaning:

manual; the operator will decide when to clean
remoted; at the end of the working cycle of the machine tool which is connected to the vacuum cleaner, the cleaning of the filter will take place automatically.
When the filter is no longer functional characteristics, the display will indicate to the operator the replacement of the same, thus ensuring maximum efficiency hood.

The user interface iVision can also be used to determine and set the mode switch of the vacuum cleaner. You can opt for a manual ignition or an ignition remoted, related to goodwill that is the machine tool to which the fan is connected.

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