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Training for the SW-23 SmartWasher Parts Washer Video The instructions for using our SW-23 Smart Washers are contained in this video. The SW-23 parts washer has a large sink and great mobility, along with many other amazing features, like a flow control timer, adjustable thermostat and a customized dolly making it easy to move around! Follow the same instructions you would for the SW-25 Smart Washers such as removing the fake bottom and placing the OzzyMat on the top of the support grid blue side down. Be sure to pour in all of the OzzyJuice that came with your start up kit, plug in the Smart Washer into a dedicated outlet, flip the switch and start cleaning your parts in an environmentally-friendly way! To keep your parts washers maintained, simply peel off a layer of the OzzyMat wringing it out over the existing OzzyMat then disposing of it according to local regulations. If you have questions or technical issues, contact us at or 1-800-521-7182! ChemFree SmartWashers are the leader in green parts washing solutions. Try our powerful combination of the Smart Washers, OzzyJuice, OzzyMat and Ozzy the microbe to see the difference going green can make for your business!

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