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Trident Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Dewatering Solutions Video

Material dewatering and thickening presents many challenges. We provide assistance to our customers so they can achieve their economic objectives and improve their sustainability. This approach is reflected in Trident equipment design and operation. Trident Processes offers advanced thickening and separation technology that provides excellent solid-liquid separation for a variety of municipal and industrial applications.

Trident Wave Separator and Thickener:
The Wave Separator’s simple and robust working principle is based on the slow moving oval discs that are mounted on columns. The forward rotating discs convey the material over the separation
screen allowing liquid to escape through the wedge wire construction. The Trident Wave Separator is typically used for applications that require 2-7% sludge concentration. Trident Wave Separators are offered in a wide range of models to meet every required capacity. The units are available with different disc spacing and can be built to order with variations. An
optional flocculation & mixing tank and automations package is available as well.

Trident MD Press:
The TRIDENT MD Press excels where other dewatering equipment is limited in its function. Critical to the success of the TRIDENT MD Press is the design of its dewatering cylinder. It features a slip disc design and enhanced treatment zones, allowing thickening and dewatering in a single operation. The need for separate equipment for conditioning and thickening is eliminated. This makes the TRIDENT MD Press a very versatile piece of equipment that is suited for a variety of applications. The press can receive dilute sludge or high solids content directly from all precursor treatment processes and produce a cake with exceptional dry matter.

Trident Technological Advantages include:
A non-clogging design offers stable, and reliable treatment capacity – a continuous self cleaning process ensures consistent through put of processed material.
Large throughput capacity with a small footprint. The modular systems also allow scalability and work in a variety of material volumes and through-put specifications.
Simple, low energy operation – improve performance while reducing operational expenses.
Trident systems can be smoothly integrated in existing treatment processes or implemented as a stand-alone system.
Custom automation is available to constantly monitor and optimize the system’s performance under changing input parameter.
Durable and robust stainless steel construction ensures long-life of the equipment.
Easy maintenance – simple drives with minimal parts mean ease of service and low cost maintenance.

The Trident separation technology offers efficient separation results for flocculated material like sewage sludge or for raw feedstock like food processing waste. The sludge volume is significantly reduced, resulting in cost savings for material handing and disposal.
Trident equipment is successfully used in a wide range of applications and sets new standards in efficiency:
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
Many industrial treatment applications such as:
Paint and Coatings Effluent,
Sludge from processed flow-back water from oil & gas operations,
Waste activated sludge off a DAF in Food processing facilities.
Distillers grain applications

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