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Troy Acoustics: The Firing Range Sound Solution - Video

Small Arms Shooting Range Noise Is Hazardous To Your Health - Exposure to loud noise is linked to: hearing loss, hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, headaches, judgment impairment, sleep disturbance, and other conditions that can lead to disability claims and lawsuits.

The Troy Solution - Turn Down The Volume. Troy Acoustics patented technology absorbs 95% of all muzzle blast energy, at all frequencies and reduces the reverb time by a factor of five or more. The overall peak loudness is decreased by at least 5 dB leading to: better communications, less risk exposure ... a safer, healthier, green approved environment

Installations Include: US Navy, Newport, RI, US Navy Seals, Virginia Beach, VA, Wright Patterson AFB, OH,
US Custom & Border, Harpers Ferry, WV, LAPD, Los Angeles, CA, Niagara Falls PD, Niagara Falls, NY.

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